Added: Jun 24, 2014

From: Kitten Mittens

Duration: 3:40

The new theme song from the Western Front Armies expansion featuring the Americans and the Oberkommando West.

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Sjokoen Says:

Jun 26, 2014 - 2:02 that oberkommando theme, so fitting has part of US and German theme into one song, really likeable

SpajN3434 Says:

Jun 28, 2014 - Can you upload some combatmusic from WFA??

Aakash Sareen Says:

Jun 25, 2014 - thanks I was looking for it :) my work time COH 2 fix! this game is solo frikin amazing!

koovie koovies Says:

Jun 26, 2014 - This is so beautiful, especially the beginning. COH always manages to catch my feelings with its OST`s Hats off to composer and the orchestra.

frostkillht Says:

Jun 25, 2014 - 2:02 when you are crushing the enemy with OKW !!! DAMN THAT FEEL !!

Kitten Mittens Says:

Jun 24, 2014 -

Dragonslayer Ornstein Says:

Jun 25, 2014 - this reminds me so much of the old ww2 shooters... the memories :,)

Voss2120 Says:

Jul 21, 2014 - Oberkommando west has shitty fuel rates, pathetic AT and 80% of the units are vehicles that require fuel and with such shitty fuel rates... Bleh idk... Even the elite infantrys are almost useless against armor. Sturmtiger is a waste of resources, only good units are the Panther and King Tiger. Even the AA half track cant fire on the move and needs to deploy... LOL.

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