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From: JD2390

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Well, I'll put here the same thing I'm going to put in the videos that I'm uploading, so here goes: 1st - I do not own anything that's here, the owners of Steins;Gate are 5pb. & Nitroplus, so if given the chance, buy the original work. 2nd - I did not do any translation or adaptation that is in these videos, the guy who made it had his account deleted from youtube and I'm just uploading it again because I'm a fan of the series (and also because I had downloaded when I had my chance) then the only work I've done here was uploading it again, nothing more than that. 3rd - I really hope you enjoy the videos and if in a few months they are not deleted I do the uploading of the others, until then have fun with it. That's all, and if you want to see more things from Steins;Gate, go to the site below, there is a nice place for fans like us.

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