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EDIT NUMERO 2~: This is closing on the 9th~! Please, hurry with your auditions~! Cast will be announced on this Friday~! EDIT: If you have auditioned, please tell me how and your name in an email or a comment!! Thank you!! Please hurry with your auditions! Hey guys, it's KonaTheOtaku, and this is ,obviously, the audition video for my Lucky Star Fandub~! My friend and I shall be making our own audition videos, as we want to audition as well. The roles will be given to the people whom we see fit to best play the character. Below are the characters that are available for auditions. The official cast will be announced at a later date, as soon as I get a decent amount of auditions~! Thanks for participating, and I hope to work with you~! Please subscribe to keep up with updates! **Please Note** These characters are for Episode 1 _AT THE MOMENT_ and if you need for me to upload the clips for their voices, please notify me~! For the voices, you can go by the Japanese dub, English dub *mainly*, or do what you want with the voice~! Just please say which in your video or description! As for lines, use the ones provided, or use your own~! Whichever you see fit! Characters And Lines: Konata Izumi **NO LONGER Accepting Auditions** ~Laid-back/ "Otaku" / Nonchalant~ ~Curiously~ " Which end of a choco-cornet is the head?" or "Which end of a chocolate cornet is the head?" ~Annoyed/ Upset~ " I'm still short..." ~Serious~ " 'Cuz if I got on a team and started playing sports...I'd miss all my prime-time Anime shows!" ~Teasing/ Cheekily~ " Hehe, Kagami sure is cute when she's sleeping, isn't she?" Kagami Hiiragi ** NO LONGER Accepting Auditions** ~Serious / "Tsundere" / Kind~ ~Scolding~ " You watch too much Anime!" ~Angry/ Surprised~ " How'd you get in my room? What are you doing here? Get out!!" ~Touched/ Emotional~ " I thought the only things she cared about were games and Anime...but now... this is so touching.." Tsukasa Hiiragi **NO LONGER Accepting Auditions** ~Kind/ Clumsy/ "Air-head"~ ~Softly/ Happy~ "I always thought that this end, the skinny end, was the head!" ~Curious~ " Doesn't it look like a seashell?" ~Giggling/ Happy~ " *Giggles* I always save the strawberry on top for last!" Miyuki Takara **NO LONGER Accepting Auditions** ~Polite/ Intelligent/ "Moe"~ ~Politely~ " It's a little embarrassing, but I tend to think of things too much!" ~Embarrassed/ Shocked~ " But I guess you can say... I'm afraid of contact lenses!" Minor/Side Characters: Akira Kogami **NO LONGER Accepting Auditions** ~Cute/ "Loli" / Energetic & Angry/ Laid-back/ Lazy~ ~Very Energetic/ Cute~ " Lucky Channel~! Hey, Luckies~!" ~Very Energetic/ Cute~ " I'll be you're navigator, Akira Kogami~!" ~Mature/ Annoyed/ Laid-back~ " Yeah ya know...what are you thinking, asking me a question like that?" ~Annoyed/ Angry~ " So all I get is a small allowance, and believe me, it's tiny!" Minoru Shiraishi **NO LONGER Accepting Auditions** *May stick to original* ~Nervous/ Excited/ Worried~ ~Nervous/ A Bit Excited~ " Y-yeah, I am Minoru Shiraishi, and I will be Akira's assistant.. *laughs nervously* " Extras: Gun Shooter **NO LONGER Accepting Auditions** ~Use any voice that'd you'd like! This voice tends to sound weird haha cx ! So guys and girls welcome!!~ " On your mark..get set!" Miki Hiiragi *Twins' Mom* **NO LONGER Accepting Auditions** ~Polite/ Kind/ "Motherly" like~ ~Kind~ " Hello, Konata-chan! Come in!" ~Kind/ Polite~" Oh, thank you for coming to see her!" Where to preform/ send auditions: ~Skype: Minico_ or minico_ ~email address: Please comment or PM for any questions! I will also be accepting Editors! Thank you!

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Omgflamethrower Says:

Jul 6, 2014 - I'm going to audition for Minoru Shiraishi. Would you prefer if I send it over email or upload it on YouTube? Edit: Actually when can I do a Skype audition?

Ruka Samuels Says:

Jul 2, 2014 - When will the cast be announced? :3 

RanmarottoVA Says:

Jul 6, 2014 - Sent a skype request.

Starsan AKA DatSexyGiraffe Says:

Jul 2, 2014 - I turned in my audition through pm on youtube! :3

pinkpearlvoiceluchi1 Says:

Jun 25, 2014 - I will audition for this

AllyMia Says:

Jun 29, 2014 - Ne ne ne ne~ Can I skype audition?

anne7857 Says:

Jul 2, 2014 - I'd totally love to audition! I'll email you tonight with the lines and stuff. 

Daniluvsart Says:

Jun 27, 2014 - Uhm, I would like to audition, but I cant find the first episode not in the English dub anyway. And I would very like to go by the English dub!

Yuuka Fujiwara Says:

Jun 24, 2014 - I'll audition! I'll send my audition as an mp3 from my tablet. I need a new laptop charger, so I can't use audacity to audition. Either way, I'll be up this weekend

KonaTheOtaku Says:

Jul 2, 2014 - @RukaSamuels For some reason I cannot reply to your comments on Youtube?? I don't understand why, though. But they will be announced soon~! Sorry I haven't replied to your email, I will asap though! I have a video with the voices uploaded, if you're still interested!