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[Inst. Cover] Tokyo Ghoul OP1

  • Length: 1:24
  • View Count: 29
  • Author: Xaiyeon


I like this more than SAO 2... *_* When I watched the first episode of this anime, I felt devoured. Note: Hi BalambGarden ^_^ Tokyo Ghoul OP1 Inst. Cover by:...

Pokemon Galaxy Ruby

  • Length: 2:28
  • View Count: 15
  • Author: Xaiyeon


Pokemon Galaxy Ruby Hype for omega sapphire and alpha ruby brownie hype anime expo soon PCSX2 is used. I played Galaxy Rogue and thought it would go well wit...

[Inst. Cover] Asu No Yoichi OP1

  • Length: 1:33
  • View Count: 12
  • Author: Xaiyeon


Great anime back then... Asu No Yoichi op1 Inst. Cover by: Xaiyeon (me) This is my interpretation (try-to-play) of the song (for educational purposes to thos...

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J-Min (with Titan) 제이민_Shine_Music Video

  • Length: 4:5
  • Rating Average: 4.8742647' max='5' min='1' numRaters='14793' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 382867
  • Author: SMTOWN


♬ Download on iTunes : The music video of J-Min's 'Shine' is released. 'Shine' is a title track of J-Min's first mini album. It's a Modern Rock song with rhythmical melody and poetic lyric with J-Min's powerful...

서인국 (Seo Inguk) - 돌아오는 길 (Finding myself) MV

  • Length: 3:48
  • Rating Average: 4.974367' max='5' min='1' numRaters='3121' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 124088
  • Author: CJENMMUSIC Official


고등학생 민석(서인국)의 순수한 고백, 고교처세왕 OST "돌아오는 길" 출시 이하나를 향한 간절한 세레나데, 서인국 고교처세왕 OST "돌아오는 길" 공개 그녀를 놓치게 될까 더욱 애절한 목소리, 서인국 "돌아오는 길" 출시...

[MV] 1PS(원피스) _ Because I'm your girl(여자이니까)

  • Length: 3:21
  • Rating Average: 4.9365206' max='5' min='1' numRaters='4978' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 266245
  • Author: 1theK (former LOEN MUSIC)


[MV] 1PS(원피스) _ Because I'm your girl(여자이니까) LOEN MUSIC changes the name to '1theK[wʌnðəkeɪ]' to be a global K-POP hub! 로엔뮤직이 새 이름 '1theK(원더케이)'과 함께 글로벌 K-POP 허브채널로 도약합니다. *English subtitles are now available. :D...